It is finally 2021, I would like to first start out by acknowledging that we have lost many, many people across the globe over the last year. While every holiday season passes as a “first” for many who have lost a loved one, the year of 2020 took that to a whole different meaning. If you are reading this and lost a loved one during the pandemic or due to the pandemic please know my heart is with you. 

As an individual born 1991 I have been alive during 9/11, the recession of 2009, Afghanistan/Iraq war, and now the pandemic. I can’t help but wonder what else my generation may witness during our lifetime; at the same time I stick to my ever present optimist roots and begin wondering what I’d ideally like 2021 to look like a few weeks ago.

Now when a New Year rolls around many set goals, come up with a resolution, or choose a word/affirmation that will be their form of a mantra all year long.  I’m not sure what people are doing this year especially after 2020 will we still set goals for health/wellness, resolutions to spend more family time, plant that garden, or to travel again?

Having set goals/resolutions before I decided last week, the day after Christmas, I would choose a word for 2021. Actually, to be honest I woke up and just had this knowing that a word would be my mantra for the year.  You see, I turn 30 in July, if you follow astrology at all you also know that if you were born between 1991 and 1993 it is our time of Saturn Return. I do not have the particulars of what this specific event means for everyone but my gut feeling is telling me BIG THINGS are about to happen.

I have had this deep rooted feeling for the last year that 2021 is going to be a year of BIG growth, change, and expansion.  It’s going to be absolutely uncomfortable, I have no doubt, because growth, change, and expansion are uncomfortable. It is why for many of us we avoid all three things, it’s uncomfortable to make a statement “This isn’t working for me” or “I could do better”, then we need to admit that we are not perfect or break against what we feel we are expected to do/say/be.

Nevertheless I could not be more ready to see what this year brings.  I have hopes of events to happen but most of all I am just ready to see and be a witness to the year and all that it brings.  With that said, the word that fell into my lap for the year of 2021 is..


Throughout the year I plan to be intentional in my actions, my words, my choices, my time, and my resources.  That is only just skimming the surface of the explanation that I can provide of how I see this word/mantra playing a role in my year.

The year 2020 taught me a lot of things, one of the most prominent is that I gave a lot of myself to others and to things.  I don’t just mean physically either but my energy and my time were given and not always with an understanding or intention as to why.  This recognition of how much I was giving occurred after being isolated for so long that when I began to not be so isolated I burned out quickly.  I took so much time off of social media because I just could not take it in, I could not share my energy with it.  There were moments of realization in my friendships, acquaintances, and activities when lightbulbs of “this doesn’t serve me, I don’t have room for it right now” occurred.  These moments were hard, these moments of clarity were understandings of boundaries I had newly created for myself.

From these learnings I take the word intentional, how can I intentionally support communities, small businesses.  How can I intentionally spend time with people so that my awareness and my focus are on building the quality of time together?  How can I be intentional with how I spend my money?  How can I be intentional about how I talk to myself, treat myself, and fuel myself?

I can not wait to carry this word/mantra throughout the year and share with you some of my experiences.  I am excited not only to see how I successfully carry this mantra out but also where I will learn from it.

Happy New Year, I hope to see stories of goals, resolutions, words, and/or mantras of your new year!

Instagram: @dboivin710

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