In times where things seem to be out of our control, I find this is the time when we are our HARSHEST critic. We have incredibly high expectations of what we should and can accomplish. If we don’t complete everything we had intended on doing then we have “failed”.

Over the last year, I have picked up the phrase “Give yourself grace”. I have found the weight of that incredibly profound and hard hitting. Giving myself grace is not cutting myself slack, IT IS giving myself permission to be kind, to take things slowly, and to be compassionate to myself.

During this pandemic I’ve found myself saying it a bit more then I would have expected. Yes, per my last post, I had set up a bit of a schedule for myself. However, on my days off, I haven’t pushed myself to get up at the crack of dawn like I normally would. I like routine, I like starting the day early and getting things done. Right now though, we are being gifted time to slow down.

For this reason, I’ve given myself the grace to slow down, to savor waking up slowly and looking out my windows in the morning. After I got in a single car, minor accident a few weeks ago I gave myself the grace to rest. I gave myself the grace to cry and be upset that I couldn’t seek physical comfort from my family.

We are our hardest critics on whatever normal days were occurring prior to this pandemic. What good are we doing in continuing to be these critics. What good are we doing for ourselves in continuing this toxic process?

Give yourself the grace to:

  • Loosen your routine
  • Love how you are in the present
  • Be angry
  • Be sad
  • Cry
  • Scream
  • Sleep
  • Ask for help
  • Look at yourself in the mirror
  • Stay in the sunshine a little longer
  • Say “No, this doesn’t serve me”
  • Say “Yes, I need this right now”
  • Take a bath
  • Take a deep breath
  • Lean on others

I could continue this list, it could go on for miles. I have cried almost every day during this pandemic. This is incredibly hard for me as I’ve always been told I’m “too soft”. I have allowed myself the grace to cry, because if I don’t my depression and anxiety kicks in.

Giving yourself grace is about being willing to allow yourself to say “I need this, this it what serves me in this moment.” This is the most important of times to give yourself grace, kindness, compassion, love and understanding. Do this for YOURSELF, I beg of you.

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