The other day I got a response to my blog post! Someone took the time to tell me they read it and empathized about losing Simba. WHAT! Do people actually read my blog? They don’t just “like” my picture announcing it. Who would have thought?

In all reality, though that one piece of feedback got me thinking as to why I stopped writing. Correction, why I stopped sharing my writing. I went through my internal roll-a-dex and realized that once again I was feeding into “Why should I keep writing? What do I have to share that hasn’t been shared a million times over?”

In comes my boss babe badass self saying:

NEWS FLASH everyone in the world feels that way in some way or another so get over it! Pull up your big girl pants and get to writing.

(You think I make up my badass self I don’t, I can explain in detail how I look in this version and there are days I feel like her 100%)

So, here I am writing. To tell you that we compare almost every day of our life. We think that because that person has done it (there are over 500 million blogs in the world) then we can’t possibly have something to offer. 

This pandemic has me re-thinking a lot of things. It has me re-evaluating what I want to focus on in life and what brings me joy. I’ve been participating in an intuitive mentorship that has been opening my soul (and eyes) to new experiences and better understanding. My yoga teacher training is being re-adapted to encompass this “new” world but even that has me second-guessing what I should be doing. It makes me wonder if I’m cut out to be a yoga teacher. Then I remember my yoga practice truly began at home with Yoga with Adriene. There are still days where I pull up her Youtube Channel and hit play.

So today I am choosing to STOP my comparison and BUILD UP the people I’m comparing myself to. The people who I look at and some days just go “I’ll never be that good” or “I could never do that”.

Here we go:

Kelly Rich – Is one of the most beautiful people I have met and a true gem. She is currently my Intuitive Mentor and has helped me do a lot of soul searching since I met her last October. She has helped me comfortably dive into my spiritual practice and be a gentle supporter of inquiries. She has her own global practice and created Bug Light Yoga in South Portland, ME. She also recently started a podcast sharing her wisdom, messages, and important conversations called Own Your Intuition. Her willingness to step into her soul’s calling, do the work, and be open to sharing with others is truly amazing.

Brittany – Author/Writer/Creator of espressoandfit. Obsessed with eSpresso (don’t you dare say eXpresso to her), red wine, dogs, and health; her gentle nature and hustle are admirable. I originally saw Brittany at an event in Philadelphia, PA called The Good Fest. I say I saw because I didn’t introduce myself despite taking an elevator with her in our hotel. It truly wasn’t until after I was going through the Good Fest’s Instagram I recognized her and began following her. I found her honesty and raw “realness” refreshing and as a yoga teacher was interested in her journey. Following Brittany has been inspiring for my writing and yoga practice.

Amy Currie – Owner/Operator of Fit Justice in Portland, ME. I’ve known Amy for almost 4 years. She is a kickass boss babe, kind human, pizza lover, and one of the best people I know. I love watching Amy’s stories and reading her posts because she laughs at herself about as much as I do. She also is incredibly inspiring with her commitment to her health and training as well as those of her clients. She’s honest and real about struggles that can cause setbacks in one’s journey. Her message is also that of BALANCE which is incredibly important to me as someone who works hard to not shame myself into “healthy” habits. For many years I have thought about being a personal trainer and if I choose to one day maybe she’ll be my mentor 😉

Michelle Neujahr – Owner of Nu-Yar, I have known Michelle for 8 years. (WOW!) Michelle was my teacher of Entrepreneurship when I was attending Southern Maine Community College. She is a Business Teacher at Southern Maine Community College and a Business Consultant. She is a friend, confidant, mentor, and no-BS human being. Next to my mom, Michelle has been one of my biggest cheerleaders since I’ve known her and is constantly pushing me to be a better version of myself. Michelle still impacts my life daily; she truly inspires me to show up as the best version of myself, be honest, and learn from my mistakes.

These women are the ones filling up my soul the most at this time. These are the ones who make me strive to be better and inspire the words that I write. They help me evaluate where I am coming from and the messages I wish to share.

I hope in sharing them with you I’ve shared some inspiration. I hope that you feel better about comparing yourself and know that you’re not alone when you do so. The next time you find yourself in “comparison mode” take a moment to write down or think about WHY you’re comparing and what that person may be teaching you or challenging you instead.


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