Hello Everyone

It has been quite some time since I’ve written much of anything. I had begun writing Simba’s story and it just doesn’t feel quite ready to share with the world.

For those who don’t know me or follow me on social media. Quick recap:
– Simba was a 10 month old Siberian Husky Sam and I adopted. We loved him and cared for him for two months before we suddenly had to put him to sleep.


Since Simba I have taken a lot of time to myself. While I have been on my social media platforms I haven’t shown up how I had been previously.

Then COVID-19 happens and I feel this URGE to be present and to show up for others. To make them feel not alone in a time full of isolation.

After some of my own anxiety and panic attacks I was finally able to sit within the stillness of everything that is going on. In sitting in the stillness, thank you quarantine measures, I reflected back to this time last year. GUYS I’M IN THE SAME SPACE!

Granted I have a job currently but with fewer days in the actual office. I work in a vet hospital so we are “essential” but we are split into teams to limit exposure. Last year at this time I was unemployed due to choice. I had left my 40 hr a week job with benefits and amazing colleagues to move with Sam to where we are living now. In this realizing I had an immediate AH-HA moment and asked myself;

“What did I do with my time last year?”

When I asked myself this question I realized, I need to share this with others. During this time of quarantine many are isolated at home with or without loved ones, with or without jobs to help occupy them and with or without children to assist in “homeschooling”. My mind is blown on that level alone.

I have profound gratitude for the fact I have a job that is considered “essential”. I have profound gratitude for the ability to buy groceries. I have profound gratitude that I have a partner who knows it is incredibly hard for me to experience this LIFE ALTERING event away from my family. I have profound gratitude for my dogs who encourage me to get outside (let’s be honest they make me get outside because I really prefer to not have pee pads in my house).

Regardless of this gratitude however I recognize and empathize with the difficulty of being isolated and unable to be in your “normal” routine. Whether by choice or not being alone, being out of your routine is hard. While I may be late to the game below are some “tips” I have for doing our best to continue on every day without losing our minds.

  1. CREATE a routine – I am sure most of you have a daily routine during your “normal” schedule. If you’re not working then find things to align your day with, don’t just allow yourself to sleep in every day, set up times to read/workout/do yoga/run/chat with friends and STICK TO IT
  2. KEEP IN TOUCH – In this age of technology we have so much at our fingertips. I facetime my mom daily REGARDLESS. However, I have found myself using it more often with my friends and extended relatives in order to keep my sanity.
  3. MOVE your body – As addictive as sitting in front of the computer or TV screen can be remember this is not “technically” a vacation. If weather allows get outside and walk, do something with others in your household.
    – Find an at home workout or utilize SO MANY studios that are using online platforms to offer their classes. This is HUGE for me as so many of these studios are small businesses, many I care about, as well as it offers you the ability to try new things without being in the “group” setting. You can do it in your own home! I know so many people who don’t try new things because of the fear of being judged in a group setting. NOW is the PERFECT time to try the new fitness class without that fear because you can ALWAYS shut the camera off.
  4. ALLOW – Just simply allow, you’re going to say “What the F*** does that mean?! I am not into whatever your saying.” Are you a person who NEVER takes naps and feels the need to? Do you feel the need to socially isolate yourself? Do you feel the need to reach out more than you normally would to friends/family/people? Do you want to spend time learning something? ALLOW all of this and anything else to happen. This is an unprecedented and hard to navigate time. Allow yourself to feel your emotions, have your concerns, explore interests, and WANT to be in contact with others.
  5. DISCOVER – I’ve seen people posting about discovering/learning new things. One individual decided they wanted to take this time to learn calligraphy, another learning to play the ukulele. Discover something that you have longed to learn or gain knowledge about but have made the statements of not having the time.
  6. GET DRESSED – Even if it is just one day out of the week. Make it the day you have to do the mandatory grocery shopping and braving the possible masses. Don’t just lounge around in your pj’s all day.
  7. PLAN your food – I’m not saying full on meal prep (unless that’s your thing, then do it!) I am saying don’t just treat it like it’s spring break in junior high. I get many of us are stress eating, allowing ourselves more snacks/treats then we normally would. We’re humans who when bored/stressed can very often turn to food. I’m right there with you! My “food” of choice has been wine, I’ve had more wine since this whole thing started then I have in months. Take the time to plan a meal, or plan the snacks you have in your house. It may just help the stress/boredom eating, it also may help with tip #3!

We are in a challenging, fearful, and unprecedented time. Despite all of that I have hope of what will come after.

I hope that this helps whomever may need to read this. ❤

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