This thing called life, am I doing it right?

What or who defines if we are doing it right?

Will there ever truly be a definition of what “right” is?

I was telling a friend the other day that “I don’t believe there is normal, I believe there is what society tells us.”  Society tells us that we are doing life right if we have a good job with benefits, we are in a committed and healthy relationship, we are saving money, and we look picture perfect while doing it.

Thankfully, in discussions with my parents and others the only way to know if you are “doing” life right is if you are happy with how your life is.  With everything that has been going on in my life I keep wondering if I’m doing life wrong. What influences these decisions?


Do not misunderstand me, I love me some instagram. I LOVE supporting other people, especially women who are kicking butt! I see these other women kicking butt and living their best life and I wonder what am I doing in my life for it to not look like that?!

Just like we are all individual human beings with our own uniqueness SO ARE OUR LIVES! I can idolize on the kick ass yogi’s in the world and those who are making their lives devoted to travel but idolizing won’t get me very far.

I need to put into practice what I wish to happen in my life. Does it mean that I will get to whatever level in life they live, maybe! But instead of idolizing them and then getting negative because my life isn’t where theirs is I can flip the switch on mine. I can throw myself into my own yoga practice and get better for myself and continue to inspire myself and possibly people around me.

Maybe you have individuals in your life telling you that you’re “doing life wrong”. It happens, I’ve read many articles on how parents of millenial’s have a hard time understanding our work ethic or our choice in lifestyle. Thankfully, while there may be questions sometimes, I have incredibly supportive parents. I do have friends however who have tougher relationships with theirs, they don’t feel understood by their parents and have been told if they’re not doing X, Y and Z with their life then they are failing. Or worse yet, they’re not actually told by their parents that their failing, they just don’t feel respected or understood by them.

GUESS WHAT?! I give you the permission to say you are not failing at life!

People may say we are spoiled to have the choices that we have, I could agree to this. I recognize that we do probably have more choices than those who came before us. I can recognize that this sometimes may make us feel “entitled”.

However, I think we have every right to take a break. We have every right to go after our passions. We have every right to screw up, pick ourselves up, and restart. I say this to anyone

I’m here to say, you are doing it right, you are doing it exactly how, where, and when you are supposed to. If you are in a hard place remember that it is only permanent if you allow it to be.


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