Last fall, in discussing our future options after determining that we would in fact move to Belfast, I asked Sam “What do you think about me taking a month off?”

Little did I know that just saying it, no no no back up, just thinking it the universe heard me.

When I made the decision to leave my previous job I had nothing lined up. I had no prospects and when people asked “What are you going to do?” I simply said, “I’m not sure, I’m open to anything.” While there were days during this month and a half off that were difficult I worked on staying open during the entire time.

I choose to believe in the universe but you could believe in god, buddha, the cosmos, you name it. Regardless, many of your thoughts provide an energy that are carried out. This month and a half long sabbatical was not the only instance in my life where my thoughts were heard.

A normal occurrence is simply thinking “I don’t want to do X”, “It’s not going to be a good day”, “I’m going to get delayed because that’s just my luck.” Our thoughts create the energy that pushes us forward. Have you ever paid attention to the mornings you wake up and say “It’ll be a great day!”, what about when you started saying No to others and began putting yourself first, did you pay attention to how others treated you?

Those are just simplistic things that happen when we change our frame of mind. Our thoughts are heard. I know this sounds out there but it is something that I have come to believe deep down in my soul. I don’t mean nitpick your thoughts because they are thoughts you don’t want your mom hearing.

What I am saying though is pay attention to what thoughts you are having. If you are always saying “I’m broke, I can’t”guess what?! You are broke and you feel like your head financially can’t stay above water. If however, you state “I choose not to spend my money on this now” it’s a choice that you are making to be responsible with your money.

During this stint of unemployment was I fearful of not having money? ABSO-FREAKIN-LUTELY, I had just about $2,500 to my name. Did I stop spending? For a period of time I did but I realized that I stopped spending because I was in fear. I was the squirrel that hoards the last acorn in Ice Age. It wasn’t healthy though, and I realized that the universe is a giver and a receiver. To be abundant I needed to still spend, I do not mean spend out of my limits but I still needed to trust that spending money would bring me money.

My challenge to you today is to think about something that has happened in your life. Can you connect it to a thought you may have had? Did a friend recently appear in your life that you needed? Did you serendipitously get that killer parking spot?

If you feel like it, share with me your stories!


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