Why do you do the things you do? Do you do them for yourself? Do you do it for others? Do you do it because it is the norm?

This thought came to me as I was working out one morning.  What you have to understand is I have had a back and forth relationship with “working out” the last year.  I have sporadically been incorporating workouts into my routine.  The most consistent thing I have done is yoga, it has help my life in many ways.

While I was working out though, I asked myself “Why am I doing this?”. It was at the point where, if I had a mirror, I would be looking at myself saying “What the fuck? Why do I get up at 4 a.m. to do this? Sam is upstairs in a nice cozy bed.”

Okay now I choose to get up at 4 a.m. in theory I could wake up later or I could do it in the afternoon.  However, how my life works 4 a.m. is truly the better time as I used to complete homework in the evenings and now I like to have the evenings free to unwind from my day, practice yoga, spend time with friends, spend time with Sam or just be outside now that the weather is starting to turn.

Here is the thing though, my why is this:

  • I am being active
  • I am moving my body
  • I have the ABILITY to move my body
  • I feel better
  • I sleep better

A lot of people ask what got me into running. I had begun running a few years ago and said, “I want to run a 5k but am not sure what I want to support” because there is a 5k for almost every non-profit or group in the world. That same year a friend had been killed in a homicide/suicide the universe being an amazing thing brought me to my first 5k; his family and community created a 5k in his honor. It was my first 5k and I did it for him.

When people ask me why I workout or run or get up so early (even if I don’t have to be), my most constant answer is because I can. I may sound like a broken record when I say this but we are given an amazing beautiful life. I am gifted with good health, a body that is cooperative and moves how I want it to, so why should I not try and do things that others can’t?

This is the same attitude I take into my half marathon on June 2nd. It will be the longest distance I have run but I have hiked it so I know I can do it.

As you go about your day think of your why or your multiple why’s. Are you doing what you’re doing for yourself or for others?

**this may be a multi-part post more to come later**


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