Well here I go stepping DIVING into the uncomfortable and taking you along with me if you choose the accept the mission!

I say diving because I have leapt into an incredibly uncomfortable part of life. Now you may wonder “Why is it uncomfortable?” Let me just say it is my ego and my stubbornness that is screaming “THIS ISN’T RIGHT!”

They say this because I left the “norm”, I left my great job with benefits for an unknown career future. I left said job with no known ground to stand on other than long discussions with Sam that this was the right decision for myself and for our relationship.

Diving into this uncomfortable meant that I need to practice yoga, meditate, set a new routine, workout, dance, etc. It means that I can not sit in the house and twiddle my thumbs because then I let the fear, doubt, negativity, mean girl voice sink in.

This voice says that it isn’t right to have moved without a secured job in place. This voice says that it isn’t right to not be providing a significant amount of household income. This voice says that it isn’t right for me to not be doing something. This voice says “who do you think you are?!”

Let us just re-read that last paragraph, WHERE IN THE WORLD did that come from? A large part of it is my ego saying that I don’t need to rely on anyone, well that isn’t exactly the case. And am I not also always the one telling people that it’s not a bad thing to need help?

I am diving into the uncomfortable because I am uncomfortable with how vulnerable I am. I feel I am open to major judgement from a multitude of people for the decision I made.

The thing is though it does not matter what others think. It does not matter if it is something they approve of. It was the right decision for myself, it was the right decision for Sam and I’s relationship and that is what matters.

If you are diving into the uncomfortable, if you are diving into an unknown, if you are running forward charging at life, I raise my glass to you and say “Let’s do this together!”

Email: beyoufindyou@gmail.com

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