Hello one and all! My apologies for 2018 being a very lack luster year for this blog. While I had really solid intentions with my writing (and have the drafts to prove it) I allowed my life to happen.  I wanted to beat myself up about it I decided that being present in my life and embracing it were the most important things.

So here it is February 2019 and there are a large number of new beginnings. While incredibly exciting, humbling and full of adventure new beginnings can feel not so great all the time. My largest new beginning is moving with Sam to our new home two hours north of where our families are. Now if you are ridiculously connected with your family like I am you can relate that it’s REALLY hard. The weekend we moved in I cried when my parents left, I cried the day after and the day after that. The silly thing is I was coming back down to live with them for two weeks while I finished my job.

Now here’s my personal reality check, it is not silly to feel sad that this part of my journey is closing. This part of my life journey where I am not going to be physically as close to my family as I am used to. This is where we focus a lot on the exciting part of a new beginning and can gloss over the not so great parts. I am a huge optimistic person so this is one of my biggest faults. What also sucks is that I know I’ve lost friends over this, I have lost friends who may not agree with my decisions to take on this new beginning. I have lost friends who do not know how to still be in a relationship with me during this part of my journey.

New beginnings are exciting times, whether it be starting a new career, a new home, a new fitness journey, a new puppy! Regardless of the type of new beginning there will be ups and downs. If we have learned anything life is full of them and all we can do is embrace each up and each down.

With the new beginnings comes new things to write about! There have already been many sparks of magic for things to inspire my writing also, as I stated earlier I have quite a few draft posts saved from last year. I would really love feedback from you on what you like reading about. I make no promises that I can write about it on the spot but I will keep it filed for a rainy day 🙂

Email: beyou_findyou@gmail.com

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