A recurring theme in my life has been “Your Story”.  While I am a person that divulges, probably more then people wish to hear sometimes, I have learned the value of holding back.

Not everyone is supposed to hear your story and not everyone will hear it even if you tell it.  One of my favorite authors Dr. Brené Brown says “Share with people who have earned the right to hear your story”.

This summer has a tumultuous one, personally there has been a lot going on.  There’s been weddings to go to, vacations to take, relationships to mend, homework to complete, yoga to practice, workouts to do, family to see, self-care, etc. The list truly could go on, in all this chaos there has been a story that I felt I could share with those around me.

The funny thing is that sometimes these stories, we share just so that we don’t hold them in.  Yes, I am being very vague and cryptic I recognize this however at this time, my story is one that isn’t going to be shared with the world.  It may be later down the road but this story is also owned by someone else around me.

That’s the toughest part, is when the story isn’t just yours because when you tell it or share it you are only telling it from your side.  You can’t know what the other person is thinking or feeling and you try not to assume.  I’ve learned that these stories are the hardest to share because when people only hear what your side is like, they can get upset, angry, frustrated or annoyed for/with you.  This isn’t exactly healthy as it can quickly become a negativity cloud that just stays over you.

Embrace and own your story, learn who is ready to hear it, and learn how to protect it.  Not all stories are meant to be told.

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