Technology rules our current generations and it is only going to continue to do so. There was a time when you would take a picture and have to wait a week for it to develop, then you could find out what actually happened with the picture. There was no deleting it or discarding it immediately, you waited, and for the most part someone would overrule you and tell you that the photo was being kept anyway. Everyone has an embarrassing photo somewhere that they wish never existed but for some reason or another it is still around albeit faded.

Something I have begun to do that I wish more people would is I have stopped deleting photo’s. If I take photo’s on my phone, I won’t delete any of them before I make a post on a social media sight. Truly I’ve felt much more liberated and happier in doing so, I’m not concerned about how I look in every photo. I don’t cringe at people seeing it, if I am making a funny face or if I don’t like how I look I just laugh it off. This is my reasoning; in life we can’t take things back. We can not delete moments from our lives, we can’t delete how we looked one day, what we wore, how we did our hair.

When I was in junior high-school I wanted highlights in my hair. My mom wanted to help and do it at home. She swore she had an idea what she was doing so I let her. Needless to say my hair was short, remember mushroom head, and the top layer of my hair was blonde. THAT WAS IT! My mom in her loving way, tried to help me get the “look” I wanted but it was just……bad the only way that somewhat “hid” this huge snafu was pigtails, for 6 months. I obviously can not go back in my life and delete that choice or decision, and I wouldn’t. I look back and think, I am lucky to have a mom that wanted to help me and to this day she’ll help me in anything.

This blog is short because my insight is simply:

Stop deleting your life so you can remember more of it, so that you can live it and stop deleting your life so you can simply be freer.

When I stopped deleting things I had less concern about how I looked and I began accepting myself and my life more. I believe it makes you realize that you do not have to have a perfect smile in every photo and you won’t be able pose perfectly for each photo either. This is what society, technology, and magazines have taught us that no one can see your photo’s unless they are “perfect”. Tell me a photo that hasn’t been filtered, airbrushed, or photo-shopped in some way, shape or form. On my own personal social media I have even stopped using filters. They are fun, they make things look cool, but why edit yourself?

Instagram: @beyou_findyou

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