What comes to mind when you see or hear the word strength? Do you perhaps conjure up an image of an incredibly muscular man or woman lifting large amount of weights? Do you think of someone who has overcome a lot of hardships in their life? What about yourself, do you think of yourself as a strong individual?

As defined by me:
The ability to be aware of one’s own mental, emotional and physical capabilities.

In my short 26 years on this planet that is my definition of strength.  I do not believe that strength is solely defined by a person’s physical capabilities.  I believe a person’s true strength is determined and shown by their ability to be aware of their thoughts and emotions; their ability to persevere, despite their doubts or emotional stress in daily life.

To be honest not a single one of us can understand what another individual is going thru.  We may have walked a similar path but we are not walking theirs.  The best we are able to do is empathize with that person and try and be a shoulder for them to lean on.  In all honesty we do not know what it took for them to get up that morning.  We do not know what mental battle they are facing let alone that of an emotional battle.

I myself struggle with trying to let my emotions be what they are.  Even though I encourage others to do so and I say all the time I wear my heart on my sleeve.  I nullify that statement every time I don’t allow my sadness, anger, frustration, or depression thru.  Every time I ignore it or deny it I weaken myself for not acknowledging it is there.  By ignoring it I am simply letting it lie dormant and hurting myself by not addressing the mental thoughts that may be causing those emotions.

In the last week I have had much of my own emotional rollercoaster.  Part of it I recognized was that it was been 10 months since the passing of my Nanie.  After writing that sentence I realize that Friday morning, when I sat balling my eyes out in my boyfriend’s kitchen, it was 10 months and 1 day.  I can’t say I have denied my sadness or mourning but it has continued to creep up on me. I realized a large part of it was my birthday was 14 days ago, on our birthdays my Nanie would always call us and sing happy birthday.  This year, my birthday had one less happy birthday sung to me.

On the days I wonder how I persevere, how I keep going, I think most often of her. I think of the fact I physically can walk, run, bike, lift weights; when others cannot. I think of the ability I have to verbally share my emotions with the ones I love. I think of the ability I have to own my thoughts and think what I want and believe in myself. Some days, my strength to persevere simply comes from the fact I have the capability to breathe on my own.

Strength comes from within us, it always will, whether you are male or female.  Our physical strength can deteriorate, and yes for some our mental strength may as well.  Inside of us we will always have the ability to push forward.  Some days that may be “I can do this!” other days it may just mean throwing your hands up and saying “I can’t do this today”.  Either is 100% OKAY! It is not a sign of weakness to admit you can’t do something or that you are in need of help or a shoulder to lean on.

What I hope people get from this post is our weaknesses should be viewed as strengths.  Despite what we think as weak others my see as a strong attribute.  Never doubt yourself and always know you are fully capable of persevering through anything.

Remember your strength comes from within, it will always start from within.

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